Danielle Louise.

Lives in Kansas City.

21 years old.

I'm Bisexual.

Art Student.


I write.




Others: Gender - Brian Reda 

Why are these photos important? What are you trying to accomplish?
It’s really about starting a conversation. We’re reaching a tipping point in the discussion of trans-identified people. There’s an interest out there and I was really hoping to be a part of that. And because I identify as cisgender, this conversation is able to cross that social boundary of “us and them.” The relationships I was fortunate enough to make during this very collaborative project seem to have translated to my audience now. There have been many people telling me they can “feel” that connection. I have the beautiful wet plate collodion process to thank, in part, for that expressive quality. It’s like you can see their soul — such a beautiful photographic process.



Hans Peter Feldmann, Six Photographs from the Series/Artist Book “Knees”, (1969)

And just cause they call themselves experts it doesn’t mean sweet fuck all

Point Of It All sung by Amanda Palmer (via falling-just-another-way-to-fly)

And you may be acquainted with the night
But I have seen the darkness in the day

"Astronaut" -Amanda Palmer (via calico-prince)

I would lose a hundred fights, Just as long as you are on my side

Amanda Palmer (via kinderhook-obscure)

When you cannot joke about the darkness of life, that’s when the darkness takes over.


"Her Face" a GIF set by me in honour of the beauty and power of Amanda Fucking Palmer - and wishing her well, and happiness, and hoping that she comes back to the UK soon.

Images from “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” performed by Amanda Palmer and The Flaming Lips

She’s fearless, and when she isn’t fearless she’s brave.

Neil Gaiman, when asked what he loves about Amanda Palmer. [x] (via knitpicker)